“I’ve been a fan and subscriber of LIS for the last 5+ years and wouldn’t do my show without it. For targeted, topical information that fits my brand filter perfectly, it’s the best prep service I’ve ever used!”

~ Drew Walker – US 99/Chicago


In the frenzy of writing and preparing a show at 4:30 in the morning, I know I can always count on Lifestyle Information Service to provide us with great, fun, interesting material for our listeners that often times lead into show topics. Thank you!

~ Christine Nagy – 106.7 Lite-FM, New York


“Lifestyle Information does a great job checking all sources for relevant, contemporary content. I’m impressed by his detective work. He always finds a couple of nuggets we may have missed. Perfect for any format and any talent that needs lifestyle content.”

~ Jack Diamond – WRQX/Washington D.C.


Lifestyle is great man! Not just as a news source, but as an idea starter, a brainstorming point, and sometimes simply just a good read. Glad it shows up daily in my inbox.
~ Dr. Cranfill – 93.1 JACK FM KCBS-FM Los Angeles


“On a Sunday afternoon Lifestyle Info does all the topical reading that I need for Monday morning … and then some.”
~ John Hines – WCCO/Minneapolis


Lifestyle Information Service is something all of our jocks use on a daily basis. It’s topical content that easy to localize. You can’t go wrong with dogs ,bosses and coffee. Three recent topics I used today. It’s a HUGE time saver!
~ Steve Casanova – KONO/San Antonio


“Lifestyle Information Service is like having a safety net on any given day about the most relatable topics a person can connect. Our air staff adds their own unique twist and local ties to make it a great content prep tool.”
~ Roger Allen – Sun Radio/Austin


What impresses me is that “Lifestyle Info” is so compelling that I copy many items to my wife while I prepare for my show. I’ve never had a prep service this genuine, and I won’t give my listeners anything less!
~ Mike Sakellarides – 94.7 FM The WAVE


“One night I saw Jimmy Fallon mention 3 things in his monologue that I had seen that afternoon in Lifestyle Info, I don’t know if he subscribes or if you are just that on the ball. I use 3 or 4 bits every day, very topical and nicely edited so that it’s easy to put in my own words. I love your prep.”
~ Melody Morgan – Program Director, Mainstream Country


In 1993 when I started in radio as an overnighter, I wanted to find a prep service to use and came across Lifestyle Information Service. Best money I have ever spent over the last 22 years. I have saved so much time and money with the Lifestyle information Service. Thought starters, trivia, I like to call them interesting tidbits and they are a mainstay of my morning show.
~ Eric White, Program Director – KSIG FM Pure Country 106.7


“I honestly use Lifestyle Info’s prep every day on my national radio show. The prep is well thought out and up to date and fresh. I love it! I really don’t know what I would do without it.”
~ Scott Gaines – Westwood One Radio Networks, WGKX (KIX 106) Cumulus Radio


I’ve been a Lifestyle Information Service subscriber for years and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Of all the show prep services I’ve tried, this is head and shoulders above the rest. This “Lifestyle” prep connects with the demographic with tons of relatable and fun info in every daily issue.
~ Doug Griffin – Morning Host, The Fish/Nashville


“With Lifestyle Information, my show sounds like I read all the time & that I’m current on everything in print. Lifestyle Information makes me sound way smarter than I am. And I’m really not. Check with any of my wives for confirmation.”
~ Moby in the Morning – Moby Radio Network


Best service of its kind out there. It’s the life raft on those days you come in and think to yourself, “I got nothin”.
~ Neil Hedley – CFZM/Toronto, Canada


“We’ve been using Lifestyle EVERY DAY for over a decade. There is NOT a more concise, well-written prep service out there.”
~ Chris Hanson – Chris, John and Jane in the Morning, BOB 95 / KBVB-FM / Fargo, ND


We use Lifestyle Information Service every single morning. When we re-evaluate our prep services, LIS is the only one that is never on the chopping block.
~ Chris Carter – The Chris+Doc Show, Big Country 92.5/Sioux Falls


“I’ve been a host on mornings at Mix 106.5 in San Jose for over a decade and Lifestyle Information Service has always been a lifesaver. There is so much information packed into this daily prep sheet. Lifestyle gathers all the information from slews of sources and puts it together in one sweet package – The Best!”
~ Marla Davies – Mix 106.5/San Jose


Lifestyle Information Service is in my Top 3 prep services I use every day. It’s one of the first things I look at because I’ve never seen anyone else get the info any earlier. I like the writing. Short, concise and to the point with a very conversational feel that lends itself to adding your own punchline to drive it home. This is the absolute perfect tool to use in this newly driven PPM world.
~ Marc “The Cope” Coppola – WAXQ/WLTW New York & KGB/San Diego


“Lifestyle Information Service is the first thing I look at every morning as I prepare for my airshift. I have in my fingertips all of the current pop culture hot topics and bit starters that make for a great show every day.”
~ Steve Eberhart – Eberhart Broadcasting/Dallas


Instant Topical Content that’s very customizable to any format and great for trivia!
~ Dave Rios – KONO 101.1 Morning Show/San Antonio


“I use Lifestyle Information Service every weekday! It’s topical, and ready to roll more than any other service available. It is well worth the small investment to be top of mind! It is always in my inbox when I need it … and I need it!”
~ Dan McKay – Dan McKay Media, 478xx.com/BoilerRadio.com


I rely on Lifestyle Information Service to add content to my daily show. Lifestyle Information Service always takes the current issues and is spot on, they also provide statistics that are very entertaining to the listener. It’s nice having a service as professional as they are, giving outstanding content which is delivered to your inbox daily. Thank you!
~ Garth Baker – Biggestlittleradio.com


“The Lifestyle Information Service scours dozens of publications for the most compelling and curious nuggets, then crunches ‘em down into a concise, presentable form. Other services may provide more pages – but Lifestyle gives you more material you’ll really use – without the added risk of deforestation. You can’t afford not to have it.”
~ Dan McColly – Journal Broadcast Group/Boise


If you can afford only one show prep service, it’s got to be the Lifestyle Information Service. This service pulls from more sources than I have time to read – concise, well-written and hits the target every time. Anyone can get trivia and This Day in History – but only LIS delivers the info and topics that light up the phones every time.
~ Doug Griffin – 94 FM The Fish/Nashville


“I hate the thought of doing my daily show prep without Lifestyle Information Service. It’s a huge timesaver. There’s always excellent material for the “survey says” department!”
~ Scott Reese – Producer, Clear Channel Radio


I have been using Lifestyle for years and this is why it is the most amazing service for radio peeps. Everything is condensed the way it should be read on the radio. Also its a guarantee that all the facts and info are checked and from reliable sources. Lifestyle has saved my butt some days and actually made me look like I know what I am talking about : ))) Love it
~ Donna Saker – 92.5 The Beat/Montreal, Canada


“I love the daily Lifestyle e-mails. Fun info, great for idea starters for writing.”
~ Tami Heide – 93.1 JACK FM/Los Angeles


The Lifestyle Information Service is the first thing I look at each morning. The prep service gives you something you won’t get anywhere else – it’s a culmination of tidbits that are so interesting and funny. Thanks Lifestyle you’re a lifesaver!
~ Peter McLaine – 100.9 Cherry FM/Yakima


“There are so many show prep services out there that seem to do the same stories in the same way every day. Lifestyle Information Service gives me data that is useful for the way my listeners live. I see cutting edge stories and insights that I just don’t see anywhere else. It gives me an edge that makes my show, not only entertaining, but important.”
~ Joseph Browning – WMGB/Macon


Lifestyle is a fantastic prep source for thought starters that’s well-written and “to the point”…. I’m also able to extract some “new” trivia questions almost daily from the material. Not the type of trivia that’s all over the Internet, but fresh new questions that generate funny “wrong” answers about every day life.”

~ Tiffany Hill, formerly B101/Philadelphia