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Each issue has unique top of mind material gathered and edited from the most reliable publications, websites, and organizations in the country and around the world.

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“Lifestyle Information Service is the best talk media prep service in the business.  Thirty years of delivering daily gems speaks for itself.”

Michael Harrison, Publisher, TALKERS


“Lifestyle Information Service is such a wonderful tool for our morning show, adding to my news reports and sparking great on air conversations. It is my go to prep service, one I can always count on for compelling content and one that I would not do without.”

Christine Nagy – 106.7 Lite-FM, New York


“Lifestyle information service really provides the best of everything I want to share with my listeners. The info is top of mind, relevant, funny, educational and interesting every day! This service uses great sources and is perfect if I want a quick nugget or a great place to start if I want to dig deeper into the topic. This is the kind of prep I used to spend hours searching for!” 

Kari Steele — KOST 103.5, Los Angeles


“Our morning show looks forward to the Lifestyle email every day because it helps us so much with not only topic ideas, but our Impossible Question as well! Great stuff David!”

Jenn Ryan — WBEB, Philadelphia


“Not too long ago, while doing 4 different formats within the national programming team, the shows had #1 ratings across the board in Classic Rock, Oldies, AC and Classic Hits at the same time. Now, we do have prep sheets available for each format, but the one sheet I used across all formats was David Hirsch’s Lifestyle Information Service. I’ve got to believe that had a great deal to do with those numbers.”

Marc “The Cope” Coppola — WLTW, WAXQ, WKTU, New York


“Lifestyle Information Services provides relevant topics that relate to all of us.  They make show prep so much easier.  Whatever the topic you’re looking for Lifestyle has it!! It helps me to relate better to my listeners.  Great information and money well spent.  Thanks to David and his Team!!”

Tony Venturoli, PD — WEBR, Buffalo


“I love using Lifestyle Information Service, much of the content is easy to localize.”

Steve Casanova — KONO, San Antonio


“Content is king today. Lifestyle Information is just that, content about the way my listeners live. It zeroes in precisely on their lives. This content helps me connect in ways no one else can.”

Joseph Browning  Joe Kelley In The Morning — 104.5 The Eagle, Corpus Christi


“Good radio on-air personalities make a connection with the listeners. Lifestyle Info gives us slice-of-life and intriguing topics each day to help us make that connection with them. David Hirsch does a lot of the work to make our jobs easier!”

Lisa Kay (Captain-Curry) — WNCV, Fort Walton Beach


“For over thirty years I have subscribed to Lifestyle Info. I could not imagine doing any shift without it.”

Eric C. White — Freedom 95.1, Crowley, Louisiana


“An amazing resource for keeping our shows relative, trendy and top-of-mind! No need to scour pages of prep, it’s a daily digest perfect for radio!”



“LIS is my lifeline. In a world where we have to be versatile with content, it has just what I need to cover diverse formats and demos.”

Alex Harley aka “Number One Son” — WHGB, WTPA, WQXA


“I love the Lifestyle Information Service prep sheets. Great content written so well it fits over an intro or can be teased and delivered into a commercial break. I know this is the kind of material that creates water cooler talk.  I hear people talking near the water cooler and your great prep is often a topic of discussion!  Keep bringing it sir!”

ThatGuySteve —